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30th-Jul-2006 04:32 pm - Update.
Hey there. =)

Just so everyone knows, I've started up this journal again, my horse progress journal. As some of you might have noticed, I deleted it a while back. But I've decided it's worth while going on with. So to anyone who wants to add me, feel free. =) I think I'm going to change the entries to friends only soonish.

Oh and I'm currently in Cape York so I wont be updating until I get home (Victoria) and start riding again.

Minna xx
22nd-Jul-2006 08:45 pm(no subject)
LJ Username: <lj user="cookiexox">
HW Username: Cascade_forever.
Age: 13.
Interests: Animals [horses =D], riding, photography, music.
LJ used for: justriding - writing about my riding lessons. cookiexox - for personal stuff [like rants lol]
Other LJ accounts: http://justriding.livejournal.com/
Journal(s) status: Friends only - cookiexox, Public - justriding.
8th-May-2006 09:03 pm - MODERATED MEMBERSHIP & RULES

Welcome to the Horsewyse/Crazyforhorses/paddock community. I am Emily and I am known as Imhorsewyse on both forums.

If you wish to join this community, first click join, and then please comment on THIS ENTRY and tell me your HW/CFH/paddock username. If you dont think i will know who you are, then add your horses name or something that will make me recognize you.

All comments on this entry are screened, so I am the only one who can see them.

  • Membership is moderated. See the info above.
  • I prefer that your entries are "friends only" If you are just sharing photos of your horses, i am not fussed, but i would like quizes and other things where others participate in, to be "friends only". If they are not, i will remind you to change it.
  • Please keep language clean. No swearing, and no arguing. Save that for msn. Any offensive language, and i will delete the entry.
  • Posts do not have to be horse related. Can be general discussion.
  • And lastly - have fun This is like a HW/CFH forum on LJ. A place where we can have LJ friends who we already know
  • 11th-Nov-2005 06:54 pm(no subject)
    LJ Username: my_man_milo
    Hw Username: isieandflika
    Name: Isie
    Likes: Horses, writing, History, reading

    Hehe Feel free to add me! I'm new at this so be patient with me. Lol, once i figure out how to work it all be be better....
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